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CM-6620B is a 4-in-1 Module which includes WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS and FM transmitter/receiver. With four advanced radio technologies integrated into a module, it provides the best and most convenient connectivity functions.

CM-6620B implements advanced and sophisticated radio coexistence algorithms and hardware mechanisms. It supports dual antennas that 2.4GHz antenna is for Wi-Fi & Bluetooth and 1.575GHz antenna is for GPS. Enhanced overall quality for simultaneous voice, data and audio/video transmission on mobile devices can be achieved.

The small size with low power consumption reduces PCB layout area. It is designed to provide excellent performance, reliable, cost-effective and low power consumption module solution for all Tablet PC devices and mobile Internet devices. CM-6620B provides two methods for RF antenna. One is via iPex RF connector. Another method is to use RF pinout in the module.

  • Small footprint: 20×13×1.7mm, 48-half-holes PCB module
  • Main chip: MediaTek MT6620 highly integrates WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS and FM Tx / Rx in a single chip
  • Support dual RF miniature connectors for BT, GPS and WLAN
  • Intelligent WLAN / BT coexistence
  • Single crystal (TCXO) for GPS, Bluetooth and WLAN
  • Best-in-class current consumption performance
  • OS support: Android 2.3 up to 4.4
  • RoHS compliance 
  • WLAN
    • Support IEEE 802.11b/g/n
    • WPS 2.0, WAPI (H/W)
    • Wi-Fi Direct (WFA P-2-P standard)
    • SDIO 2.0 interface

  • Bluetooth
    • BT v2.1+EDR
    • BT v3.0+HS(802.11AMP) compliance
    • BT v4.0 Low Energy
    • FM over Bluetooth
    • High speed UART interface (4Mbps), PCM

  • GPS
    • GPS / A-GPS capability
    • -165 dBm tracking sensitivity
    • -160 dBm hot start sensitivity
    • -148 dBm cold / warm start sensitivity
    • UART interface

  • FM
    • 76-108MHz with 50KHz step
    • RDS / RBDS support
    • UART, audio, digital audio interface (I2S)
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