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WA-7310 is designed for people on the go. Users can carry it travelling around and working in anywhere. It is compliant with 802.11n specifications, up to 300Mbps data rate, provides multi-functional capabilities, particularly the high performance throughput and high-quality security. Incorporating fast Ethernet ports and compatible to other wireless (802.11b/g/n) networking device, it enables your whole network sharing with a high-speed cable or DSL. which can be communicated by wire or wireless. It’s high performance is ideal for media-centric applications like streaming video,gaming and Voice over IP technology.

  • 2T2R 802.11n 2.4GHz WIFI speed up to max 300Mbps data rate.
  • Supports WEB based management and configuration.
  • Supports Wireless schedule.
  • Compatible with IEEE 802.11b/11g/11n Specifications.
  • Supports IEEE 802.3x full duplex flow control on 10/100M Ethernet interface.
  • Supports IEEE 802.1x, WEP64/128, TKIP, AES, WPA, WPA2.
  • Supports DHCP server to provide clients auto IP addresses assignment and static DHCP functions.
  • Supports DHCP client, static IP, PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP of WAN Interface.
  • Supports Router, AP, Client, Repeater mode.
  • Supports WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup).
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