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BM-52840 is a Bluetooth 5 Low Energy class 1 module that provides a complete solution from various interfaces to different sensors to BLE protocol stack and applications. It includes 32MHz crystal and a system-on-chip Nordic nRF52840. The minimal parts count and small footprint of the BM-52840 is ideally suited for the requirement of high integration Bluetooth Low Energy technology in portable devices and consumer electronics.

The system-on-chip architecture design of the module makes a much smaller space and minimal cost and simplifies the whole system design.

  • Small footprint: 11.3×20×1.8mm 26-pin perforated hole
  • Bluetooth 5 ready multiprotocol radio
  • Bluetooth 5 data rate support: 2 Mbs, 1Mbs, 500 kbs, 125 kbs
  • Bluetooth 5 support for long range and high throughput 
  • AES 128-bit ECB/CCM/AAR hardware accelerator
  • -96 dBm Sensitivity for Bluetooth low energy
  • 12 bit /200K SPS ADC
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