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BM-8763BF-V2 is a Bluetooth 5 audio solutions for stereo applications. The BM-8763BF-V2 is composed of an ARM core and an ultra-low power DSP core with high efficiency computing power, high performance audio codec, power management unit, ADC, ultra-low current RF transceiver, and smart I/O distribution controller.

The system-on-chip architecture design of the module makes a much smaller space and minimal cost and simplifies the whole system design.


  • Small footprint: 16×10×1.85mm 24-pin LGA.
  • Bluetooth 5 specification compliant
  • Supports HFP 1.7, HSP1.2, A2DP 1.3, AVRCP 1.6, SPP 1.2 and PBAP 1.0
  • RF radio output with high performance 10dBm of transmitter power and -94dBm 2M EDR receiver sensitivity
  • Support Bluetooth classic (BDR/EDR)
  • Support Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
    ‧ Generic access service
    ‧ Device information service
    ‧ Proprietary services for data communication
    ‧ Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS)
  • Real Wireless Stereo (RWS)
  • Support iAP2
  • Supports high resolution audio codec up to 24bits, 192kHz audio data format
  • Supports dual analog and digital MIC, AUX-IN, analog output
  • Supports cap-less, single-ended, and differential mode at the DAC path
  • Supports 16ohm or 32ohm speaker loading
  • Stereo 24-bit digital-to-analog(DAC) with 102dBA SNR
  • Stereo 24-bit analog-to-digital(ADC) with 97dBA SNR
  • Built-in 8Mbits FLASH memory
  • Integrated battery charger, charging current up to 255mA
  • Supports ambient thermal detection to detect the battery temperature
  • Built-in OVP, OCP, UVP protection to protect the system
  • SBC, AAC decoder support
  • Support OTA firmware upgrade
  • RoHS compliant
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