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BT-501 Bluetooth USB Micro Adapter is designed to be fully compatible with the Bluetooth standard 5. It is a dongle supporting Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth Low Energy.

It presents the smallest form fact and high effective performance which enables you to simply connect many Bluetooth devices dramatically enhances communications between partners or equipment at different locations and it is highly integrated Bluetooth Adapter, includes 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4F, Radio, Baseband, link Manager, and Host control interface.

Due to its smallest dimensions, high sensitivity, ultra-low power consumption, it is fit into your portable devices that has USB port.


  • Bluetooth 5 ready multi-­protocol radio for 2Mbps/Long Range/Advertising extensions/Improved coexistence (CSA #2)
  • IEEE 802.15.4 radio support Thread / Zigbee
  • Integrated 32-­bit ARM Cortex-­M4F @ 64 MHz
  • High-­speed 2 Mbps data rate
  • Up to 111 dB link budget for Bluetooth long Range mode
  • Full-­speed 12 Mbps USB controller
  • 2.4GHz~ 2.4835GHz ISM Band
  • Applications for IoT / Advanced wearables / Interactive entertainment devices
  • Support input device RF
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